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IT And Phone Forensics

We spend over £33,000 a year on the latest Phone, PC Cracking and Analysis software. Along with our experience this enables us to achieve a 100% success rate.

If detail is important to you Phone or PC Forensics is the answer.

IT And Phone Forensics

There are only a handful of people in the UK who can crack passwords, pin codes and really go deep into a phone’s past since it started, or at any other time.

That covers texts, WhatsApp, Messenger or any other texted communications, as well as internet browsing etc.

Deletion does not mean unrecoverable.

Computer Forensics

Every Lock has a key. Especially in deciphering encypted files or deleted ones.

When someone thinks they are being clever by deleting files by whatever method they think will cover their tracks, after our Forensic dept has finished, they will have another thing coming.

Partner Infidelity

It’s inevitable that in personal relationships a mobile and often a PC as well, is used to communicate with a suspected other partner.

If that phone was purchased by you and you own it, even though used by your partner or the target person, it is lawful to have that phone forensically examined for any messaging type activity going back to when that phone was first used. Whether the messages have been deleted or not.

This can make a surveillance that follows and getting the evidence you need, so much more effective. This is because target names and addresses (both work and residential) can be determined as targets for alternative pick ups.

If the target is over careful about being followed, we are already one-step ahead.

Employee Disloyalty

Absenteeism to Fraud and Theft of Company Information.

Financial pressures and opportunity, have been reasons employees previously investigated, abuse the trust placed in them by their employers.

9 times out of 10 incriminating evidence is found in deleted files either on their mobile or their laptop/desktop pc.


In the case of company secrets, files are usually downloaded onto a USB stick which our software and hardware can analyse to determine all files that have ever existed on that stick.

All company laptops, mobiles and notebooks are all able to have their passwords or pins overridden and data retrieved for analysis.

Solicitor Assignments

Asset Tracing, Anton Pillar orders and Criminal Activities have all been reasons why solicitors have got in touch with us to have suspect’s laptops and phones analysed.

The type of data we’ve been able to recover bypassing passwords and sophisticated encryption software has made us the “Go To” agency when results are needed fast.

Being a one stop shop once the encryption or deleted files have been analysed all manner of incriminating evidence has been discovered.

Tried once. Always returned for more.

That’s how our reputation for results has developed.

Just three examples of Assignments we have had to recover deleted files and crack encryption codes.

Our investment of specialised software and hardware to accomplish this has paid off with budgets to spare for the annual upgrades.